Estate Sale Process

  • Sales can be conducted in the owner's home or moved to another location. They can be performed either prior to or after the sale of the home. A minimum of two weeks preparation time is required in order to hold an estate sale.

  • In preparation for the sale, each item is cleaned and evaluated. If needed, linens are washed and ironed, silver is polished, and costume jewelry is repaired (if possible). You don't need to do any preparation for the sale. Just leave the sorting, cleaning, and organizing to us.

  • Using our extensive knowledge of antiques, collectibles, furniture, and household items, merchandise is appropriately priced in order to maximize the value of your estate. We have various experts at our disposal who specialize in jewelry, artwork, specialty antiques, electronics, and rugs. If needed, we can consult with them to properly assess your belongings.

  • Items are tastefully merchandised by draping tables and grouping them to create the most appealing visual presentation. Special display cases are used for the security of small or valuable objects. If needed, furniture is re-arranged in order to allow for good traffic flow throughout the house. We provide the display racks and tables.

  • To promote yor sale, we take pictures of key items. These images are placed onto our website and used in email promotions to our large list of customers. To further increase your sale's exposure, we advertise your sale on and in the Kansas City Star.

  • Your neighbors are notified about the sale and any required permits are secured. If needed, we put up no parking signs on one side of the street, in accordance with city regulations. On the morning of the first day of the sale, directional signs are placed throughout your neighborhood in order to direct motorists to your sale.

  • After the estate sale is complete, you have the option of selling any remaining items to a liquidator, which we will we handle for you. Any trash is removed, leaving you with a clean house and your piece of mind.